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The Dead Sea Area

The Dead Sea , bordered by land in Israel , Jordan and Palestine , is the lowest point on earth. Its salt content is so high that hardly anything is able to live in it.

A “float” in the Dead Sea is a unique experience. It is virtually impossible to sink in the salt rich waters – hence all the well-known pictures of visitors reading the newspaper while bobbing along the surface.

The salts and rich black mud of the Dead Sea have been considered therapeutic since ancient times and are still marketed throughout the world. Today, the many luxurious spas on the seashore feature Dead Sea mud and salt treatments, in addition to more familiar spa offerings.

The Dead Sea has a historical legacy as rich as its mineral content. Near its waters stood the biblical cities of Sodom , Gomorrah , Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar and it was to this region that the Old Testament David fled to escape the wrath of King Saul. Another favorite site is the fortress Massada, built by King Herod in the year 37-31 BC and which served about 100 years later as the last line of defense of Jewish Zealots during their revolt against the Roman Empire.