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Jericho , the Palestinian city of palms, is the oldest inhabited city on earth, dating back almost 10,000 years.

Situated near the Dead Sea , which is more than 400 meters below sea level, Jericho stays warm throughout the year. . It is wonderful area for touring, visiting monasteries and historical sites, and for hiking enthusiasts Jericho has enjoyable scenic routes.

One of the majestic sites in Jericho is the fifth-century Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. George, carved out of a canyon wall overlooking the Wadi Qelt gorge.

Hisham's Palace, from the Umayyad period in the 8th century, is another magnificent site, with royal buildings, a mosque, fountains, and spectacular mosaic floors..

At Qumran , about 20 kilometers south of Jericho , the Dead Sea scrolls were first found in the late 1940s by a young shepherd.