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Tel Aviv

One of the world's youthful cosmopolitan cities and a destination that pulsates with energy and vitality, Tel Aviv offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, cafes, discotheques, theaters, museums, opera, auditoriums, clubs, and concert halls. There's Neve Tzedek too (its own beautifully-restored 19th-century quarter) and Jaffa , with its antiquities and wealth of galleries.

Known as “the city that never stops,” Tel Aviv was the first modern Jewish city built in Israel , and it is the country's economic and cultural center. Its Mediterranean location also means that quality beach time can be part of the experience. Tel Aviv, with its amazing wealth of nightlife and culture, complements biblical Jaffa – also a part of it - from which port the Prophet Jonah set sail before being swallowed by a whale and where St. Peter experienced his rooftop dream.